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"A new game changer for cyber insurers underwriting SMBs."

Sayata Labs Raises $6.5M for Cyber Risk Underwriting Service

"Pioneering a new approach to cyber insurance underwriting."

Sayata Labs Raises $6.5 million for AI that assessess cyber

"Advanced cybersecurity & data science expertise to help insurers assess cyber risk."

Sayata Labs Raises $6.5M for Cyber Risk Assessment Product; AXA is Early Partner

Come visit our booth! The event will be held in the Tel Aviv expo on January 28-30.

21 January, 2019

Asaf panel sqareish.jpg

Sayata Labs CEO, Asaf Lifshitz, appeared in a panel in the main CyberTech stage. Asaf shared his thoughts on the risks and opportunities in the Cyber Insurance market.

1 February, 2019


Asaf Lifshitz was invited to present his take on the Cyber Insurance landscape at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.

7 March, 2019

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